Accident at work - claims for compensation

No-fault accident at work? 

If you have been involved in an accident in the course of your work and you think your employer may be at fault, we may be able to assist you in pursuing a claim.

Your employer has a duty to protect you and inform you about health and safety issues that affect you. Your employer also has a duty to carry out a risk assessment and take care of the health and safety of employees and visitors. Workplace injuries can be caused as a result of:

  • Dangerous or faulty machinery/equipment
  • Slipping or tripping on a slippery surface
  • Handling heavy machinery
  • A building site accident

We may be able to help you secure compensation for the injury you suffered, as well as compensation for treatment and rehabilitation.

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Any claim must be made within 3 years of the date of the accident. The aim of compensation is put you in the position you would have been in had the accident not happened.

If you think that you may have a claim or even if you are not sure please contact us on 01234 360140 or set up a discussion with one of our team using the links at the bottom of the page.

At a free informal initial consultation which can be held either over the telephone or in person, we will discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident and injury, answer any questions you may have, and advise as to whether in our opinion you have a legitimate personal injury claim with reasonable prospects of success.

Unlike some lawyers, we are willing to take on those claims that are not straightforward and may carry some risks. If we do take your case on we shall quickly start the personal injury process and endeavour to expedite your claim, seeking maximum compensation for you.

Below you will find some examples of people we have helped with accident at work compensation claims.

Mr 'Z' recovers damages in excess of £29,000 following an accident at work.

Mr 'Z', an undertaker, suffered a bilateral hernia which required surgery as a result of heavy lifting during the course of his employment. Emmott Snell Solicitors forwarded a letter of claim to the claimant's employers alleging negligence and breach of statutory duty.

Following a period of investigation the claimant's employers admitted liability through their insurers.

Medical evidence was obtained and a detailed schedule of the claimant's losses prepared.

Emmott Snell Solicitors successfully persuaded the insurers to increase on their original offer securing an award in excess of £29,000.

The claimant commented : "We were very pleased with the standard and service we received, many thanks".

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More than £8,000 for retail assistant injured whilst assisting with a delivery.

Mrs Z is employed by a well known high street store as a retail assistant. Whilst moving a metal roll cage loaded with boxes of various items through a congested area the cage fell towards her, pushing her onto the concrete floor. Mrs Z was diagnosed as having suffered soft tissue injuries to her left arm, shoulder and head.

Mrs Z contacted Emmott Snell Solicitors who forwarded a letter of claim to her employers alleging negligence on their part. An early admission of liability was secured.

A detailed medical report dealing with Mrs Z's injuries and prognosis was obtained and a schedule of her financial losses prepared and served on her employer's insurers.

Following some negotiation, settlement was reached at a sum exceeding £8,000 to include a claim for lost earnings plus legal costs.

A crush injury and fracture to her right foot results in Miss X receiving in excess of £5,000 compensation from her employers.

Miss X, a team leader for a major supermarket chain, suffered a foot injury after being struck by an electric pump truck being handled by a colleague in careless and negligent manner.

It was alleged that Miss X's employers were liable for the acts of their employees. Liability was accepted at an early stage leaving Emmott Snell to deal with obtaining medical evidence and preparing a schedule of Miss X's out of pocket expenses.

Following some negotiation, Emmott Snell persuaded the defendant's solicitors to increase on their initial offer to damages in excess of £5,000 which Miss X was happy to accept.


Mr T receives an award in excess of £10,000 following an accident at work.

Mr T was a process server and was required to serve documents on the owner of a caravan trespassing on private land. He approached the caravan cautiously having been warned of the presence of a large dog. The dog became agitated and aggressive. As he retreated he slipped on wet grass causing him to fall heavily onto his left shoulder.

Mr T was diagnosed with a fracture dislocation which required surgical intervention to insert metalwork and thereafter intensive physiotherapy to restore movement and strength.

Mr T contacted Emmott Snell Solicitors who forwarded a detailed letter of claim to his employers alleging negligence on their part. An admission of liability was secured. Medical evidence from an orthopaedic surgeon was obtained in the form of two separate medical reports.

Negotiations ensued and settlement was reached at a sum exceeding £10,000, to include some lost overtime, plus legal costs.

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Megan is our paralegal and holds a first-class honours degree in Law from the University of Kent. She assists on all our cases and is incredibly enthusiastic about advocating for our clients.

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