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Emmott Snell's 2019 'Love in a Bag' Campaign

Written by Gabrielle Litson on 17 Dec 2019

Love in a bag-1Over December 2019, Emmott Snell Solicitors have been gathering Christmas goodies for the ‘Love in a Bag’ 2019 campaign.

Members of the team at Emmott Snell have all kindly donated 3 bags which have been filled with goodies and personal items to be distributed to those less fortunate in Bedford. Some of the items donated include:

  • Deodorants and perfumes
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soaps
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Emmott Snell Solicitors also sent a Christmas card in each of the bags to ensure the receiver knows we are thinking of them over the Christmas period. 

Love in a Bag is a charitable project in Bedford.

The simple aim of the project is to fill a bag that you no longer use with personal items to be donated to those in need over the Christmas period. In 2018, 646 people received a bag through the project. It is hoped that this year, the campaign will be even more successful, especially as Waitrose have chosen Love in a Bag as one of their “Green Token” beneficiaries.

On 9th December 2019, members of the team took the bags to Silks on Lime Street which was the nearest drop-off point. From the drop-off point, the bags will be moved on before finally being distributed to the people who need them.

We at Emmott Snell would like to thank all the staff members who donated to the bags, especially Jacqui Morton who was instrumental in organising our donations. We would like to encourage everyone to get involved in this brilliant campaign to help ensure Love in a Bag continues to run and become more successful each year.

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Gabrielle Litson

Written by Gabrielle Litson