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Witness Appeal: Children’s entertainer admits sexual offences against boys

Written by Tracey Emmott on 15 Dec 2023


Editor's note: On 10th July 2023, we published a blog urging victims of George Holden (deceased) to come forward as they may be entitled to make a claim on his estate. The court has recently extended the time for victims to come forward. However, this will shortly end. If you were harmed or sexually abused as a child by George Holden and are considering making a civil compensation claim please contact Emmott Snell Solicitors who will be pleased to discuss this further with you.

Witness appeal

We act for a victim of George Holden (deceased) who was sexually assaulted by him in the course of his role as a swimming instructor. 

Holden who was also a children’s clown, admitted to Derbyshire Police that he had abused a number of children, but due to his ill health and the length of time the abuse took place (he was 88 at the time of interview), he could not remember details.

He was subsequently charged with 18 offences against two victims, including buggery with a boy under the age of 16, gross indecency with a child under the age of 14, and indecent assault with the boy under the age of 14.

Ultimately he pleaded guilty to 17 of the offences, and on the 5th November 2021, was sentenced at Derby Crown Court to 13 years’ in prison. The Investigating Officer said “He has shown that he is a committed paedophile, whose systematic abuse over the decades will have caused untold damage to so many young lives.

George Holden died in prison on the 7th November 2022. Any victims therefore would be entitled to pursue George Holden estate. Advertisements giving potential claimants notice of George Holden’s death inviting them to come forward were placed in the Derbyshire Times and The London Gazette on the 30th March 2023 in accordance with Section 27 of the Trustee Act in 1929.

That date has now passed, however should anyone wish to come forward at this stage, it may not be too late. 

We continue to gather evidence and would be keen to hear from any person who may corroborate the testimony we have heard so far.

If you were harmed or sexually abused by George Holden or witnessed others being and are willing to support those in their pursuit of justice. Please call us on 01234 360140 or contact us here. We'll be pleased to discuss this further with you.

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Tracey Emmott

Written by Tracey Emmott

Tracey Emmott is a solicitor with over 25 years’ experience in personal injury law. Previously she was a partner of a regional firm in the Home Counties.