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Church of England's response to Bell victim

Written by Tracey Emmott on 03 Feb 2016

Church of England's reponse to Bell victims

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester's response to our client making her story public.

'It is testimony to her courage and integrity that the survivor who brought the allegations against George Bell has been prompted to speak out... 

The presence of strident voices in the public arena which have sought to undermine the survivor's claims has added in this case to the suffering of the survivor and her family.'

See full article for more information.

Extract from statement of Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, Lead Bishop on Safeguarding.

'Since the exchange in the House of Lords the survivor has taken the brave decision to speak out for herself. This will have been very hard to do. Reading her own words only adds to my conviction that the church was right to make a settlement in this matter, and right to make this known as was done.'

See full article for more information.

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Tracey Emmott

Written by Tracey Emmott

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