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Emmott Snell is a specialist law firm with a combined 30 years of experience helping vulnerable adults and survivors of child abuse

We are accredited abuse and personal injury solicitors with a singular focus on assisting victims. Because this is all we do, we combine deep expertise with a sympathetic approach.

At Emmott Snell we are proud to represent those who have suffered injustice. We have an accomplished track record as personal injury solicitors in bringing legal actions on behalf of clients who have been abused by teachers, social workers, clergy, Scout and Cadet leaders, sports coaches or relatives.

Our extensive experience and expertise in a breadth of civil compensation claims has led to many successes. We have brought cases before the courts which have attracted considerable public interest, and that have been instrumental in changing the law. We are proud to represent clients locally, nationally, and globally and will be pleased to advise you wherever you are. Read more

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The abuse survivor's guide to making a claim for compensation

If you're considering pursuing compensation for abuse you've suffered, our guide will tell you what you need and what to expect.

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Where we can help

We offer a bespoke holistic service, offering the highest level of client care, referral to appropriate support agencies, and the best possible legal outcome. Our approach is unique.

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Institutional abuse in churches and schools

In this eBook, we try to break down the many situations in which institutional abuse can occur, particularly when a minor is in the care of a ‘person of trust’.

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Case Studies

Emmott Snell have helped many survivors of abuse win compensation claims before tribunals and courts. Watch and read some examples from our case studies below:

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