Emmott Snell is a specialist law firm with a combined 30 years of experience helping vulnerable adults and survivors of child abuse

We are accredited abuse and personal injury solicitors with a singular focus on assisting victims.

Because this is all we do, we combine deep expertise with a sympathetic approach. 

Jacqui Morton Emmott Snell

Jacqui Morton

Jacqui is known for her hardworking and careful approach to any legal problem, her excellent rapport with clients and professionals.

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Bernadette James Emmott Snell

Bernadette James

‘Barny’ is recognised for her sympathetic ear and good relationships with our clients. She possesses an ever-cheerful outlook, which clients really appreciate.

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Gabrielle Litson

Gabby joins us as a Paralegal Apprentice with CILEX. Bedford born and bred, she is an enthusiastic school leaver with A levels in History, English Literature and English Language.

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The abuse Survivor's guide to making a claim for compensation

If you're considering pursuing compensation for abuse you've suffered, our guide will tell you what you need and what to expect.

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