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Poetry as a therapeutic tool for survivors of child abuse

Written by Tracey Emmott on 31 May 2018

Here at Emmott Snell, we've observed first-hand what a challenge it can be to express oneself and carry the weight of an emotional burden. While we learn to develop a professional resilience, it can be frustrating to see a client so close to legal justice, yet so far from battling their emotional demons.

Survivors of abuse develop strategies and tools to deal with their past, their psychological difficulties and /or psychiatric illness. Poetry is one such tool, this being an incredibly fluid and malleable form of self-expression.

It can nurture individuals back to a healthier mental state, and it can be utilised by absolutely anyone, anywhere, at any time. Poetry is often regarded as 'therapy for the soul'.

A valued client of ours has written two poignant poems that we would like to share


My Lifeboat Friends

Poetry as a therapeutic tool for survivors of child abuse


My Lifeboat friends are there for me

They help me float and help me see

As I struggle against the currents of blame

My true self fighting the tides of pain


The rain of guilt pours down upon me

Stopping me healing making me flee

The storm of abuse rages all around

My shouts for help make not a sound


The demonic swells pull me under

As my life is torn asunder

While the sun’s hidden out of sight

Darkness ruling with all its might


Yet in the distance what can I see

My Lifeboat friends coming for me

As they too asail the storm

To pull me free and make me warm


They are true friends & family

Fight my fight & help me see

For me they will not give in

For they know tis not my sin


For in this storm of my abuse

Where I am sad & low & of no use

There are people on which I can depend

And they are my Lifeboat friends


My Demons & I

My demons and I

My demons & I live side by side

Hard as I try we still collide

I cannot run and cannot hide

Still they’re there side by side.


My demons called shame, guilt and blame

Shout constantly their evil names

The damage done struck at me

My demons laughing constantly


What power, dominion do you have over me

That I can’t be free, can't feel, can’t see

For my demons are you not

His demons have I forcibly got


So demons there is something that you should know

That back to hell you must go

No longer forced to look upon your face

As to hell you are sent without a trace


For inside, unknown to all

There are angels imprisoned behind a wall

From their prison no longer kept

No gnashing & wailing as they wept


My demons no longer part of me

From their grip I will be free

No longer trapped in their snare

No longer will they my mind share


So after drowning me in pain

Forcing evil upon me with complete disdain

From the depths of despair I cry

To be free from my demons and i


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Tracey Emmott

Written by Tracey Emmott

Tracey Emmott is a solicitor with over 25 years’ experience in personal injury law. Previously she was a partner of a regional firm in the Home Counties.