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9 common questions about CICA compensation claims

Written by Jacqui Morton on 15 Aug 2019

A victim of crime can make an application for compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) online, by telephone or post.

Information and assistance with this is often provided by agencies such as Victim Support or the police. It is not necessary to use a legal representative, although for more complex claims such as “out of time” child abuse applications applicants often prefer to use a solicitor. 


Compensation for dental injuries in personal injury claims

Written by Jacqui Morton on 03 Jun 2019

Many of us associate personal injury claims with injuries such as broken bones, burns, lacerations, bruising or other similar injuries.

However, many people who have been involved in accidents suffer injury to their teeth and jaw in addition to other physical injuries or as a stand-alone injury.  


Preventing child abuse and keeping your children safe

Written by Jacqui Morton on 02 Apr 2019

Child abuse can happen to any child, irrespective of their gender, race, age or background. Unfortunately, there is no way to absolutely prevent child abuse. However, caregivers can take steps to reduce the risk.

Whilst child abuse can be sexual, physical, emotional and neglect, for the purpose of this article we focus on sexual child abuse and exploitation.


The importance of training for Independent Sexual Violence Advisors

Written by Jacqui Morton on 08 Feb 2019

This week, 4-10 February 2019, is the third annual Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week.

This awareness week was established in 2016 to highlight awareness of sexual abuse and violence and generate discussion on this difficult topic. With this in mind it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the work of the Independent Sexual Violence (‘ISVA’) and in particular the training they undertake to equip them with the skills they may need in fulfilling this unquestionably challenging and diverse role.


5 things you need to know before breaking the silence on your child abuse

Written by Jacqui Morton on 11 Jan 2019

Speaking out for the first time takes great courage and it can be difficult to know where to start.  

Here are 5 things which might offer you assistance and encouragement if you are considering taking this step in 2019:


Justice for victims of sexual assaults by a care worker

Written by Jacqui Morton on 14 Dec 2018

Two of Emmott Snell Solicitor’s clients (referred to in this article as Mr X and Mr Y to protect their identities) have successfully obtained substantial out of court settlements after bringing compensation claims against Hampshire County Council and Surrey County Council for sexual assaults they suffered whilst placed at children’s homes.  


Can I protect my benefits entitlement if I receive compensation?

Written by Jacqui Morton on 19 Oct 2018

Compensation settlements and awards from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (as a result of psychiatric or physical injury) will be taken into account by the Department of Work and Pensions when assessing a person’s entitlement to means tested benefits.


Self-harm and camouflage make-up in child abuse compensation claims

Written by Jacqui Morton

Many victims of childhood sexual abuse suffer significant psychological injury as a result of the trauma they have experienced. Some victims of childhood sexual abuse self-harm as a way of dealing with this trauma which often results in physical scars.


Court of Appeal deems 'same roof' rule unfair and incompatible with Human Rights

Written by Jacqui Morton

On 24th July 2018, the Court of Appeal unanimously agreed in the case of JT v First Tier Tribunal  that the 'same roof rule' was incompatible with Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.  


APIL/ACAL Abuse conference 2018

Written by Jacqui Morton on 23 Jul 2018

On 12 July 2018 representatives of Emmott Snell Solicitors attended the annual APIL/ACAL conference. 

APIL is a non-profit making organisation that has been campaigning and fighting for the rights of injured people for over 25 years. The Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL) is also a non-profit making organisation, which was set up to support and assist victims, lawyers, and professionals involved in obtaining compensation for those who have suffered abuse (sexual, physical or psychological) abuse as children.