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Sexual abuse by a Scout Master and redress in the civil court

Written by Donna Hughes on 15 Feb 2019

A victim of sexual assault by a Scout Master has successfully obtained a substantial out-of-court settlement after bringing a compensation claim against The Scout Association for sexual assaults he suffered whilst a member of The Scouts.

Mr X joined a Scout Group in Northwood, London, when he was 11 years old, where he met the group’s Scout Master. Mr X was soon appointed as a Patrol Leader by the Scout Master.


Sexual abuse by healthcare professionals

Written by Jacqui Morton on 02 Jul 2018

During the course of our lifetime most of us will require assistance from healthcare professionals including Consultants, GPs, nurses, therapists or healthcare/hospital workers. It Is fair to say that this is a time when we feel at our most vulnerable and in need of reassurance.


Teen victim of grooming wins 5-figure compensation sum

Written by Toslima Islam on 25 May 2018

Our client (referred to as Miss M to protect her identity) has been successful in her claim against her former school in respect of grooming and sexual assaults committed against her by a teacher between c. June and August 2013.


Compensation for sexual abuse against more than one organisation

Written by Tracey Emmott on 03 May 2018

Sexual abuse in childhood by a person in authority is the ultimate betrayal.  

Often that person represents an institution and may be a religious leader such as a priest or imam, a teacher, a Scout leader or a sports coach.

Where the abuser is acting in two capacities at the same time, a civil compensation claim may be directed against two organisations.  


Justice for institutional abuse victims at the hands of Deputy Head

Written by Toslima Islam on 09 Apr 2018

Yet another example of institutional abuse is highlighted in the settlement agreement reached by 2 victims of non-recent sexual abuse by a teacher.


Institutional abuse in the Chichester Diocese 

Written by Tracey Emmott on 23 Mar 2018

The Church of England is currently suffering the discomfort of a public spotlight of IICSA – the largest public inquiry ever undertaken in the UK.  The C of E is not alone in its scrutiny, the Roman Catholic Church having already been the subject of IICSA, together with several other institutions including local authority children’s homes.


Can we put an end to institutional abuse in boarding schools?

Written by Tracey Emmott on 21 Feb 2018

The concept of sending one’s child away to a school where they also live is thought to be something quintessentially British. 


Redress for Anglican Vicar Abuse Victim

Written by Tracey Emmott on 06 Feb 2018

In view of the upcoming public hearings of Child Abuse in the Anglican Church before the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, the recently settled case of abuse victim, ‘ARJ’, a civil compensation claim in respect of abuse of a child by a vicar in a London Diocese is topical.


Royal Commission Child Sexual Abuse Report - Impact on the UK

Written by Tracey Emmott on 08 Jan 2018

In 2013, the Australian government set up a formal inquiry into how institutions had responded to child abuse. Terms of reference were established and 6 Commissioners were appointed chaired by the Honourable Justice Peter McClellan. Their brief was to enquire into institutional responses  to allegations and incidents of child sexual abuse and related matters. 


Institutional abuse investigation in Surrey triggers 1,500 enquiries

Written by Toslima Islam on 08 Dec 2017

Yet another example of institutional abuse is unfolding.

Surrey Police have launched a large scale investigation into allegations of sexual abuse spanning three decades at a children’s home in Woking, Surrey.

In an effort to identify victims and witnesses, police have spoken to hundreds and state that there are over 1,500 enquiries in relation to this investigation.