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The role of the Litigation Friend 

Written by Jacqui Morton on 12 Jan 2018

Where a child or vulnerable adult has been harmed, it is necessary to consider who will represent them in any compensation claim brought on their behalf.

In law, children and those who are deemed to lack capacity (known as protected parties) must be represented in their claims by a suitable and competent adult.

These adults are known as “litigation friends”.


Royal Commission Child Sexual Abuse Report - Impact on the UK

Written by Tracey Emmott on 08 Jan 2018

In 2013, the Australian government set up a formal inquiry into how institutions had responded to child abuse. Terms of reference were established and 6 Commissioners were appointed chaired by the Honourable Justice Peter McClellan. Their brief was to enquire into institutional responses  to allegations and incidents of child sexual abuse and related matters. 


The Role of the Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (“ISVA”)

Written by Jacqui Morton on 28 Dec 2017

An ISVA can be described as a specialist advocate who works holistically with victim survivors of sexual assaults.

It's an extremely unique role since they offer all the advice and information (which is non-judgmental and impartial) a victim may need when they come forward, irrespective of whether they have reported this to the police.


Heath Mount School teacher sentenced after abusing students

Written by Toslima Islam on 22 Dec 2017

A former school teacher was found guilty at St Albans Crown Court of three counts of indecent assault and one count of sexual assault.

The first three offences took place between 1980 and 1986 while Mr. Michael Curtis was employed as a science teacher at Heath Mount School in Hertford while the fourth offence took place in Kent in 2010 and was also linked to his role as a teacher in a different school.

The victims were all male and under the age of 14 when the assaults occurred.


National Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service Conference 2017

Written by Tracey Emmott on 20 Dec 2017

Tracey Emmott was invited to speak at the National Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) Service Conference 2017 on 23 November in Birmingham, organised by the Survivors Trust.

The title of the conference was “What's in it for me - developing survivor focused justice processes”, and provided an opportunity for Tracey to speak about civil compensation claims as a vehicle for redress in sexual abuse/assault cases.


Restorative justice in cases of sexual violence and abuse

Written by Tracey Emmott on 13 Dec 2017

I recently heard the first hand account of a woman who shared her experience of restorative justice in the context of a very serious sexual offence committed against her. 

She spoke of having been victim to the most heinous of sexual crimes, yet after a period of years of counselling developed a desire to meet her perpetrator.  She wanted not only to try and understand him, but also to explain the impact his actions had had on her and her family.  For her own freedom she also wanted to offer him her forgiveness. 


Institutional abuse investigation in Surrey triggers 1,500 enquiries

Written by Toslima Islam on 08 Dec 2017

Yet another example of institutional abuse is unfolding.

Surrey Police have launched a large scale investigation into allegations of sexual abuse spanning three decades at a children’s home in Woking, Surrey.

In an effort to identify victims and witnesses, police have spoken to hundreds and state that there are over 1,500 enquiries in relation to this investigation.


Compassion Fatigue and Professional Resilience

Written by Jacqui Morton on 29 Nov 2017

Compassion Fatigue (also known as Secondary Traumatic Stress/Compassion Stress) can be described as “the natural behaviours and emotions that arise from knowing about a traumatizing event experienced by a significant other – the stress resulting from helping or wanting to help a traumatized or suffering person” [Figley et al 1995].  


Caldey Island child abuse sufferers awarded compensation

Written by Tracey Emmott on 22 Nov 2017

Caldey Island is an idyllic, remote island situated two miles offshore from Tenby on the Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales, owned by the Cistercian order of monks.


Types of abuse in therapy and what to do if you've been a victim

Written by Tracey Emmott on 17 Nov 2017

Therapy or counselling with a qualified professional is intended to bring about psychological restoration and recovery, and is usually wholly beneficial and life changing for a client.