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Hannah Hodgson

Hannah Hodgson
Hannah is a multi-tasking Paralegal, juggling her law degree studies with on-the-job experience in our busy office. Bedford raised, she has a depth of experience in problem solving and looking after people, just the qualities needed for her role.

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Raising awareness of female genital mutilation

Written by Hannah Hodgson on 10 Jun 2021

The BBC soap EastEnders has been praised for raising awareness in their most recent plotline around the emotive issue of female genital mutilation (FGM). Famous for never shying away from communicating difficult and important issues, the soap focuses this delicate subject around the storyline of the character Mila Marwa. As a child, Mila underwent the horrifying procedure of FGM herself, and becomes fearful of the same thing happening to her younger sister, confronting her mother on her true reasons for sending her sister away to Africa.